Get the Facts: "60 Plus" ad distorts Debbie's record

A right-wing front group called “60 Plus” is spending nearly a million dollars to air an attack ad against Debbie Stabenow.

In fact, this group has endorsed efforts to privatize Social Security and eliminate Medicare and replace it with a voucher system that would cost the average Michigan senior nearly $7,000 more per year.

This group is trying to distort Senator Stabenow’s long record of fighting for Michigan seniors.


Here are the facts:


Claim: “60 Plus” says it wants to preserve Medicare.

Fact: “60 Plus” is trying to eliminate Medicare and instead force seniors to purchase coverage from private insurance companies. That plan would cost the average Michigan senior nearly $7,000 more for health care every year. The group also supports a plan to privatize Social Security.


Claim: “60 Plus” says Debbie Stabenow wants to cut Medicare by $500 billion.

Fact: Debbie Stabenow is leading the fight to protect seniors' Medicare benefits. She took on the powerful special interest groups like the big drug companies that funded “60 Plus” and other groups that are trying to privatize Medicare.


Claim: “60 Plus” says an independent advisory board would "ration care."

Fact: The law prevents any board from rationing any care.


Claim: “60 Plus” is an independent advocacy group for senior citizens.

Fact: “60 Plus” is a front group that has been funded by special interests like the drug companies. “60 Plus” has endorsed a plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security - hardly in the best interest of seniors.

PolitiFact rates "60 Plus" claims "pants on fire."

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