Holding Washington Accountable and Opposing Wasteful Government Spending

Debbie Stabenow believes it’s time Washington was held to the same high standards as everyone else. As Chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Debbie wrote a groundbreaking agriculture reform bill that was the only bipartisan deficit-reduction bill to pass the Senate this year. She also led the effort to stop Congress from getting paid if the government shuts down. Debbie believes that every government program be measured for results and that ineffective programs be eliminated so that we can focus on the ones that work.

Passing a Farm Bill that Reforms Agriculture and Cuts Spending

Chairwoman Stabenow did what everyone in Washington promises to do, but rarely does. She worked across the aisle and evaluated every single farm program, eliminated those that weren’t working, and streamlined those that were. The result of that effort is the 2012 bipartisan Farm Bill, which passed the Senate this year with strong bipartisan support. This landmark reform cuts $23 billion in unnecessary spending, repeals direct payment subsidies to farmers for crops they aren’t even growing, cracks down on fraud and abuse in food assistance programs, and eliminates duplication and waste.

Stopping Taxpayer Giveaways to Special Interests

Debbie championed legislation to end wasteful government subsidies to big oil companies and to use the money saved to pay down the deficit. She supports saving billions of dollars by ending programs that are duplicative or no longer effective. And when most politicians in Washington voted to give Wall Street a $700 billion bailout, Debbie voted no because it lacked accountability and oversight while leaving small businesses and middle-class families holding the tab.


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I support Debbie Stabenow because her enthusiasm standing up for Michigan families is exceptional!


-Evelyn J
Shelby Township