Protecting Medicare and Social Security

Medicare and Social Security are under attack by some Washington politicians who want to eliminate Medicare coverage and privatize Social Security. Debbie Stabenow is leading the charge to protect Medicare and Social Security.

The Republican plan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, forcing seniors to buy coverage directly from insurance companies. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, this would mean seniors would have to pay $6,400 more out of pocket every year. While making seniors pay more, the Republican plan would give millionaires a $250,000 tax break.

Instead of turning Medicare into a voucher program, Debbie supports strengthening Medicare’s finances by stopping overpayments to insurance companies and allowing Medicare to negotiate discount drug prices. She also voted to make the Social Security trust fund off-limits so politicians cannot use it to fund other programs. Debbie has been recognized as a champion by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, receiving the Committee’s boxing gloves award for continuing the fight to preserve Medicare and Social Security for seniors. 

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I'm Standing with Debbie

I endorse Senator Stabenow because she fights for good jobs for Michigan's middle class families and stands up for Michigan agriculture. We're lucky to have Sen. Stabenow on our side!

-Graham D